The Camper

IT IS FINISHED!!(Thank you God!!) After what seems like an eternity, The Mani- Camper, has come to life! Here’s how it all started…

I’ve always admired vintage campers and have always dreamt of buying one and fixing it up. I’d scour pinterest and save pin after pin hoping that one day I would be able to put my dream into action. NEVER did I think I would turn an old camper into a nail studio… until the day I was riding in the car, going to Lubbock, with my sister. During that 2 hour car ride we were jammin’ to some tunes and I, being the weirdo that I am, decided to bring along my watercolors to paint. Suddenly, like a message from heaven(haha), I had this idea!!! I couldn’t get it out of my head. I HAD to make it happen. I googled other mobile nail salons and the only ones I could find, that were similar, were in the Orange County/ LA area and Paris, France!! NONE anywhere else! I knew this would be something special, along with the craze of food trucks and other mobile businesses, so why not a mobile nail salon? From that moment forward, It. Was. On.

The idea came to me on a Tuesday and I had my 1973 Shasta Camper bought 3 days later on Friday!! Everyone thought I was crazy! Yes, it was fast, but I just knew it had to be done. Luckily I have an incredibly gifted dad, that I knew could help me (Who am I kidding? I was counting on him for basically everything.) make this a reality. This was one of the reasons why I wasn’t scared to pull the trigger. He was the brains behind all of the construction. He literally gutted the entire thing and re-built it! He’s incredible and I’m lucky to have such a handy dad who can doANYTHING!! I was always in awe of everything my dad could do before, but this took the awe I had to a whole new level. I LOVE YOU DAD and could never thank you enough for helping me make this dream come true(I’m also very happy we didn’t kill each other). You’re the bestest!!!

Sooooo without further adieu **drum roll please**..THE MANI-CAMPER, in all of it’s glory, from beginning to end….ENJOY!!! xx

Photo Credit to Chriselda Photography of Amarillo, TX